Help!  I Gain Weight Every Winter!   As soon as the cold weather sets in, I get intense cravings for comfort foods like macaroni and cheese.  Last year I gained 27 pounds as a result, and it took me the rest of the year to get rid of it.  Is there anything that can help me before the cravings really kick in?

Your best way to beat those winter cravings is to start consuming the amino acid 5-HTP as soon as the days start to get shorter.  The body converts 5-HTP to the brain chemical serotonin, which our bodies lack during winter.  (Sunlight plays a role in its production.)  A supplement to try: Carlson 5-HTP Elite (available at and health food stores).  Take one 50 mg table twice daily.  But if cravings increase as the days get even shorter, up the dose to four times daily for maximum crave-fighting power.

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