Is Varying Foods A Good Weight-Loss Tool?  I’ve got 40 pounds to lose, so I try to stay current on diet news.  But something is confusing me: Some nutritionists suggest eating the same thing every day to reduce diet temptation, while others recommend a variety of foods to prevent diet boredom.  What’s the truth?

Women who eat a variety of produce, whole grains and protein have more successful results since eating this way has been proven to prevent diet boredom.  But studies show that this strategy doesn’t apply to sweets: Women who ate a variety of treats overate.  It appears that different sweet tastes and textures actually prevent the brain from registering satiety.  So while enjoying a variety of veggies and other staples is crucial to slimming, it’s smarter to pick just one or two types of treats and indulge in them only when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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