I keep hearing that many diets cause you to lose water weight and muscle mass—I want to lose actual fat. What do you suggest?

An easy way to prime the body to burn fat more efficiently is to include lecithin in your diet. This active ingredient used in the Fat Flush Weight Loss Formula, stimulates the production of bile–a fluid that breaks down fatty deposits in the liver so they can be easily eliminated from the body. You can also stir in 2 Tbs. of non-GMO lecithin granules to your morning smoothie or glass of juice daily.  When the liver is clear of excess fat, it’s able to metabolize fat stores in problem spots like the belly, hips and thighs. This mildly nutty powder is so effective, in fact, that some of my clients have shed up to 6 pounds of stubborn fat—not in water weight or muscle mass—in two weeks without diet or exercise.

Another boon: Lecithin helps emulsify harmful fats in the blood and flush them from the body. This effect helped me lower my own cholesterol levels by 20 points in just six weeks!

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