I’ve lost 23 pounds, but now the scale is stuck. How can I break through this plateau?

When weight loss stalls, it’s usually a sign that the body has adapted to your lower calorie intake and adjusted metabolism to prevent future slimming. In order to reignite fat burn, you’ll need to eat more, not less.

For best results, I suggest getting your extra calories by adding 2 to 4 Tbs. of flaxseed, chia seed or hemp seed to oatmeal, smoothies or salads daily. The nutritionally dense seeds provide your body with antioxidants to soothe inflammation, healthy omega-3 fatty acids to boost feelings of fullness and soluble fiber to eliminate the built-up waste and fluids that bloat the body.

I also recommend consuming one additional 4-oz serving of lean protein (like eggs, chicken or fish) at lunch or dinner. Protein raises metabolism by 30 percent for up to three hours after meals to help blast off calories. The payoff: Many of my clients lost 3 to 4 pounds and 1 to 2 belly inches within five days of making these small changes.

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