Help!  I’ve Hit A Weight-Loss Plateau!  After a winter of counting calories, I dropped 23 pounds.  Now I’m just 10 pounds shy of my goal.  But in the past month I haven’t lost a single pound.  I’ve heard that people have a set weight and that, once it’s reached, it’s impossible to lose any more.  Am I destined to be a little chubby?

While it’s true that progress stalls when your body reaches its genetically programmed “set weight,” it is possible to shed a few more pounds.  I recommend trying a three-day “S diet”: Eat one salad, sandwich or bowl of cereal (preferably whole-grain) per day.  These healthy carbohydrates up production of leptin, a hormone that converts fat-storing cells into fat-burning ones.  Plus, many salad veggies are rich in magnesium, which improves cells’ ability to utilize leptin.  After the three days, resume your previous eating habits and expect to see a drop in weight within a day or two.

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