Eating Breakfast Is Making Me Hungrier!   Two months ago I started eating breakfast so I could lose a few pounds.  Most days I have toast with jam and a glass of OJ before work.  Problem is, since I started this habit, my stomach begins growling midmorning!  Shouldn’t breakfast keep my hunger pangs at bay?

Yes, but not just any breakfast will do.  An unbalanced meal (like the orange juice, toast and jam you’ve described) can make you hungrier than having nothing.  Here’s how: The carb-rich toast and jam provide an initial energy boost, but then your blood sugar levels crash, which can make you feel famished.  And drinking juice first thing in the morning gives the pancreas a shock and disrupts blood sugar levels even further.  The trick is to balance those carbohydrates with protein, fiber and healthy fats.  These compounds slow digestion.  So swap white bread for a fiber-rich whole-grain variety and try natural peanut butter instead of jam for protein and healthy fats.  Also, rather than drinking orange juice, consider eating an orange—its fiber will slow the body’s absorption of the fruit’s natural sugars.

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