Help!  My Diet Tires Me Out!   Two months ago I started a diet that has me eating the same thing every day: yogurt and fruit for breakfast, a chicken breast and side salad for lunch and another salad for dinner.  The choices seem healthy and I’ve lost 14 pounds.  But I’m so run-down, and right now I need more energy to get through the holidays.  Any advice?

By eating so many of the same foods, you’re probably missing out on nutrients like iron, magnesium and essential fatty acids, which are crucial for high energy.  Starting tomorrow, take a tally of the number of different foods you eat.  If the total is 16 or fewer over three days, it’s time to add variety to your diet.  People in one study who tried this trick and stayed above the number 16 improved their nutritional profile by 73 percent.  They also reported more energy and better ability to cope with stress.  Try boosting your nutritional profile with powerhouses like broccoli, berries, sweet potatoes and lean beef.  And consume healthy fats from salmon, flaxseed oil or an omega-3 supplement.  They provide additional energy and double your slimming efforts.

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