I’m about 30 pounds overweight, and most of the weight is in my belly. Dieting doesn’t help—my butt and boobs shrink, which just makes my stomach look even bigger! Now that I’m hearing more about the link between apple shapes and metabolic syndrome, I’m worried the extra inches are putting me at risk. How can I lose my tummy?

The quick fix: Eat more protein. A recent study from McMaster University in Canada found that participants who increased their daily protein intake by just 3 percent (and cut calories elsewhere to make up for the difference) watched their waist-to-hip ratio shrink by 6 percent. The extra protein triggered the production of glucagon. This pancreatic hormone targets abdominal fat cells to convert them to fuel. So just one or two small adjustments per day, like having two eggs for breakfast instead of cereal or piling a few extra slices of deli meat on your sandwich, will have you on your way to a trimmer waistline.

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